In the increasingly competitive business landscape, there’s unrelenting pressure for companies to be more productive, with fewer employees and resources. Technology has become a key enabler in this shifting model. But it has major implications for what the idea of ‘work’ itself is becoming.

What’s emerging is a new model for the workforce and the workplace known as ‘Talent as a Service’. In the same way that Netflix virtualised the video shop on the corner, Talent as a Service (TaaS) sees the digital dissemination of expertise replacing the old-school model of organisations hiring people full-time (and of physically going to work every day).

Talentdesk24-7 is one of the first TaaS platforms of its kind in South Africa. Our goal is simple – to seamlessly connect highly-qualified professionals with projects that match their skillset on an on-demand basis.

For businesses, this means lower capital investment, less guesswork in allocating contract work and higher productivity. For people with the right expertise, it means flexibility and the opportunity to be your own boss.

Talentdesk24-7 uses technology to disrupt the traditional labour model. Clients and consultants register for free. While clients can submit projects, consultants submit their CVs and references and undergo a rigorous vetting process ensuring only the best candidates are listed.

We then use an algorithm to match expertise to projects – giving clients a shortlist of experts to choose from. After agreeing to the fee and deadlines, the project commences. On completion, the client can rate the consultant based on their performance. This ensures the best results for both parties – and ensures that great work, results in more work for the consultant.

So whether you’re a consultant or business, Talentdesk24-7 is designed to meet your most pressing challenges.


Consultant challenge Talentdesk 24-7 solution

Need more flexibility



Access to a constant stream of projects, with the ability to pick and choose from those that suit your skills and capacity



Need to grow my earning potential



Tailor your earnings to suit the type of life/work balance you want.



Want to focus on what interests me



If you’ve got the skills, on Talentdesk 24-7 you choose the projects that interest you. It’s your work, on your terms.



Business challenge Talentdesk 24-7 solution

Need for business agility



Forget having staff sitting idle between projects. Get expertise on-demand. Save money while having access to a constant pool of talent resources.



Need to cut costs



Forget exorbitant mark-ups. Now, even small businesses can access a high-quality, on-demand talent pool without being locked into expensive long-term contracts.



Need peace of mind that the experts we hire will get the job done, in time



Our rigorous vetting process means we ensure only the best talent is available to be matched to your projects. The consultant rating system also makes sure they deliver only the highest-quality work.



Beyond the immediate benefits for workers and organisations alike, the shift toward the TaaS model also holds a lot of potential for big data. Over time, we’ll be able to gather insights on demand for skills – which can in turn help people plan their studies and next career moves.

We’re incredibly excited to be embarking on this journey and look forward to working with you, to change the way we all work.

The Talentdesk 24-7 Team

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