Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


What does Talentdesk24-7 do?

We connect you with the projects that match your skills and expertise. By removing the stress of having to find and negotiate new projects, Talentdesk24-7 lets you manage all of your project work from a central, easy-to-use platform. And everything is still on your terms - you choose the projects you want to work on and the deadlines you're comfortable committing to. Quite simply, it's just a better way to work.

How does Talentdesk24-7 work?

The process is extremely simple. You submit your CV and we make sure everything checks out. If you meet the requirements, you'll be added to our talent pool. Based on your profile, our algorithm sorts through incoming projects and matches you with the ones that best suit your skills and expertise.

Once you've been matched with a project, you will engage directly with the client to see if it's a good fit. If it is, you'll both agree to the terms. When these details are ironed out, you submit the signed terms and conditions to Talentdesk24-7. We charge a fee of 15% over and above your rate for use of our platform (so there's no cost to you).

On completion of the project, the client will review and rate your service delivery. The higher your rating, the higher your credibility and the better your chances of securing more work through Talentdesk24-7. So it pays to blow clients away with your brilliance.

Are there costs to register?

Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. So there's literally no reason not to register.

How do I sign up?

Create your Talentdesk24-7 profile right here and you'll hear back from us within 48 hours.

What is the criteria to join?

The bottom line is that you have to put the 'talent' in Talentdesk24-7.

We look for exceptional, skilled and experienced freelancers and consultants who we believe will be able to deliver for our clients. We want the people who are driven self-starters with a great track record of exceeding expectations.

The key things we look for in applicants include:

  • Industry and functional expertise
  • Experience and a proven track record of delivering quality outcomes on deadline
  • Ability to solve problems with innovative, dynamic thinking
  • Learning and adapting to dynamic client environments quickly
  • Dedication to delighting clients with exceptional work
  • Evidence of thought leadership
  • Award winning work

How does payment work?

Talentdesk24-7 will handle all the red tape. You just provide us with your account details and we'll make sure the money gets into your account on time.

How should I determine my rate ?

When you're great at what you do, you should be compensated accordingly. Research your industry standards and talk to other freelancers and consultants to see where your rates fit in. For expert advice, you can also drop us a line at We could talk about this stuff all day.

What is the freelancers relationship to Talentdesk24-7?

We're simply here to facilitate a better way for you to work. That means you remain a free agent, the captain of your own career, the driver of your own destiny at all times.

Or, in legal terms, that means you act in your own capacity and are not an employee, agent, partner, legal representative or joint venture of Talentdesk24-7 at any point.

What if I don't want to take on a particular project Talentdesk24-7 matched me with?

If you are a matched with a project but do not want to take it up you may decline the offer with no judgement.

What if a client approaches me directly (i.e. not through Talentdesk24-7?)

Please notify us in writing at and we can discuss.


What does Talentdesk24-7 do?

Talentdesk24-7 provides easy access to a pool of experienced, expert freelancers and consultants. It's a tool to help fill the skills gap at your organization while removing the stress of finding the right people at the right time.

Our platform enables you to:

  • Post a project and get matched to the people with the right skills to meet your requirements
  • Browse the profiles of the shortlisted talented and experienced consultants to find the right fit
  • Rate consultants and freelancers based on their level of service delivery to ensure excellence every time.

How does Talentdesk24-7 work?

It couldn't be simpler.

  1. Post a project

    Define required skills and project details and our algorithm will give you a shortlist of candidates.

  2. Interview a consultant

    Select the candidates you'd like to engage with and speak to them directly about the project.

  3. Get started

    Set objectives and expectations. Easily manage payments, invoicing and timesheets.

  4. Review and rate

    On project completion, rate your freelancer to ensure we maintain only the highest standard of service delivery

How do I sign up?

Create your Talentdesk24-7 company profile by clicking here.

What work can Talentdesk24-7 help my business with?

talendeskt24-7 consultants and freelancers help their clients by adding capacity on demand, bringing new skills to the table and enhancing project teams with their level of experience.

Whether you're looking for a short or longer-term relationship, needing big, small or multiple projects completed at once, Talentdesk24-7 will find the right skills for your business needs.

Some of the areas Talentdesk24-7 consultants and freelancers work in include:

Financial Services

Financial Accounting, reconciliations, Corporate Finance Analysis, Financial Management, Financial Controlling, Financial Risk Management, Compliance, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Planning, Finance Business Partner, Internal Audit and Cost Accounting


Business Analysis, Agile Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Programme Managers, Solutions Architects, Developers, Test Analyst, Data warehouse specialist, Test Manager, Systems Analyst, Data Analysis, System Administrator, Business information analysis, Programmer (C#, SQL, C++ etc), Software Engineers, IT Security Specialists, IT Security Analyst, Security Consultant and Ethical Hacker

Human Capital

Change Managers, Instructional Designer, Training Facilitator, ELearning media developers, Organisational Design, Labour Relations, Functional Human Resources, Contracts Specialist and HR Business Partner

Marketing and Advertising

SEO specialist, Social media marketing experts, Digital Marketing, Brand strategist, Marketing Manager, Brand Developer, Brand Turnaround Specialist, Account executive, Account manager, Account director, Group account director, Business unit director, Brand manager, Marketing manager, PR manager, Talent manager, Art director, Creative director, Copywriter, Production manager, Communications manager, Traffic manager, Marketing Strategist, Digital strategist, Community manager, Digital manager and Social media manager

Management Consultants

Business Transformation, Project Management, Programme Management, Project co-ordination, Strategic Reviews, Target Operating Model design and implementation, Project Management Office, Business process redesign, Market analysis, Customer Experience Management, Data Analytics, Financial Modelling

Board level assistance
  • Presentations
  • Advice and Interpretation
  • COOs, CFOs, CTOs, CEOs
  • Agile consultants

What industries does Talentdesk24-7 cater for?

Our consultants and freelancers are experienced in a number of industries from financial services to Advertising, Marketing, Strategy Consulting, Human Capital, Project Management and IT. And we're constantly expanding.

How big does my business need to be to use Talentdesk24-7?

Talentdesk24-7 consultants can deliver on projects for any type of business - from startups to JSE listed companies.

How much does it cost to engage with a Talentdesk24-7 consultant?

You can specify your budget when you post your project brief. Keep in mind that freelancers and consultants charge varying rates, based on their level of experience (because let's be honest, they're worth it). You can arrange the payment milestones when agreeing to the terms of service per project.

Talentdesk24-7's pricing model is a pay per project model. For each hire, we charge a base fee of 15% of the consultant's rate. This is a fee over and above the rate you agree with your chosen freelancer or consultant. If you post a project, or are otherwise introduced to the freelancer through Talentdesk24-7 and decide to engage, the fee will still apply.

How do I ensure privacy when posting my project?

You can do this in a number of ways:

  1. List only high-level details of your project revealing only the skills needed. When you have met with the consultant you can provide further details in line with your terms of service.
  2. You can make the project invite only by requesting that it is only shared with shortlisted consultants.

Note that as part of terms and conditions clients and consultants agree not to disclose confidential information. Furthermore, you may ask a freelancer or consultant to sign a nondisclosure or confidentiality agreement before commencing work on the project.

What if I want to hire my freelancer permanently?

We get it. Our freelancers and consultants are amazing. But just remember that should you choose to hire them permanently (and they agree) we reserve the right to charge a once off fee of 20% of their annual remuneration package. Please refer to our terms services for more information.